…we could not only extend human life but also significantly improve the quality of those years? 

Extended Lifespan.

Upgraded Healthspan.

Advanced Cognitive and Physical Performance.

Time. It's Everything.

We founded HumaSpan by chance. Setting out to answer our own questions and solving our own problems. "How do we get back lost time?" We had a vision of properly harnessing today’s most promising, result driven ingredients to formulate the most powerful and effective Anti-Aging and Human Performance supplementation products for ourselves. After years of supplementing, testing and eventually "going all in", we realized we had created something special and powerful. HumaSpan was too good to not share with our friends, family and the world.

Our process is continuous and starts with data.  We use the latest research from top longevity specialist around the world to choose our product and ingredient pathways.  We then formulate by properly dosing each ingredient while optimizing for maximum synergistic leverage.  Once satisfied, all available channels are exhausted to ensure the sourcing of premium, highest quality ingredients only.  Each of which is tested pre and post production for purity.  All of our supplements are manufactured in state of art, GMP certified facilities located in the United States of America. Although those steps bring life to the most powerful and effective supplementation available today, our process is far from complete. 

We live in exciting times when it comes to the field of longevity and human performance.  New data and results from research and clinical studies is at an all-time high and accelerating.  Our team maintains a robust review of top tier sources so that when conditions clearly warrant change we can begin to formulate or re-formulate, as the case may be.  This ensures that we keep our promise to you - of delivering today and tomorrows best in class supplements.

"We are on a relentless pursuit to help people reclaim lost time."

-Chris Anderson, Founder

What if you could extend your lifespan, upgrade your healthspan, and enhance cognitive and physical performance? At HumaSpan, that's our mission. Discover our powerful anti-aging and human performance supplements formulated with cutting-edge ingredients.